Off-Road Cycling & Mountain Bike Routes in the Peak District

The Peak District offers everything from challenging Mountain Bike Routes to miles of traffic-free cycle lanes that can be enjoyed by any cyclist.

The north of the park, known as the ‘Dark Peak’ is covered with rocky, challenging trails including some nail-biting descents and lung-busting climbs. The south of the park known as the ‘White Peak’ is perhaps less technically challenging but certainly no less fun. It’s hills and deep valleys are connected by a network of dedicated cycle lanes and bridleways.

Goyt Valley

Goyt Valley, Peak District

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This is a challenging Mountain Bike route which starts off quite easy but then includes several tough climbs, panoramic views, open moorland trails and some technical, rocky descents.  Although not all of the route is in the Peak District it … read more

Hazelwood Road - views from the trail

Gradbach, Peak District

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This Mountain Bike route includes some demanding climbs and fast rocky descents so is only recommended for experienced mountain bikers. Please be warned some sections of the trails are covered with loose, large rocks,… read more

5 Dales Route, Peak District

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This is known as the 5 Dales route because it includes 5 big climbs out of valleys or ‘Dales’ as they are called in the Peak District. It is a challenging Mountain Biking route with some technical climbs and quite rocky descents… read more